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Benefits of Solar Water Heating


What’s On Your Roof?

In sunny climates, nearly 3000 hours of sunshine hit your roof each year. There are many benefits to using this energy to heat water for your building.

Economic Benefits:

Lower Operating Costs
Lock in low rates and reduce annual expenses
Reduce & Control Rising Utility Costs
Predictable, affordable energy helps avoid the roller-coaster of rising utility rates.
Increase Net Operating Income
Lower costs mean increased NOI and greater cash flow.
Increase Property Values
Increased NOI and green building features raise property values
Guarantee Long-Term Savings
With a Promise Energy Service Agreement, your savings multiply each year. Reinvest your savings for greater return.

Performance Benefits:

Improve Building Efficiency
Helps achieve LEED points, compete for Tax Credits, and stay ahead of increased building code environmental regulations
Extend Lifespan of Equipment
Your boiler fires less often, making it last years longer.
Proven Technology
Solar Water Heating was invented over 100 years ago, is widely used around the world, and is 5x more efficient than solar electricity.
No Maintenance Expense
You get peace of mind knowing your entire system is monitored and maintained by Promise Energy, so you never have to worry.

Environmental Benefits:

Reduce CO2 Pollution
Your system is pollution free! In fact, a typical Promise Energy project will reduce carbon emissions by more than 600,000 pounds over 20 years! That’s equivalent to planting 7,692 trees or saving 686,093 miles driving.
Less Fracking
Reduced natural gas consumption also means less fracking, which has been linked to earthquakes and groundwater pollution.
Combat Climate Change
Climate Change is already creating more droughts, storms, floods and fires, causing billions of dollars in damage, and destroying people’s homes and livelihoods. Using the clean renewable energy literally falling on our heads is critical as we transition to a healthier planet and more sustainable economy.

Social Benefits:

Energy Independence
Local solar energy helps reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, strengthening our economy, and increasing energy independence.
Creates American Jobs
Installing rooftop solar energy creates thousands of jobs that can’t be outsourced, boosts American manufacturing, and is helping veterans, recent college graduates and experienced tradespeople find good green jobs in their local communities.
Reduces Energy Costs
People living in multifamily housing spend a higher percentage of their income on energy. Solar Water Heating helps the people that need it most keep more money in their pocket each month.

Learn More about Solar Water Heating

Learn More About Solar Water Heating