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We work closely with your design team to ensure every project meets your goals and requirements. Our solar designers will size and layout solar water heating and solar PV systems and can provide engineered drawings to ensure the best solar system for the project is efficiently coordinated and integrated into the rest of your design.


Our team has financed hundreds of projects around the country. Whether it’s homes or schools, multifamily apartments or large commercial jobs, we know every project is different. From new construction projects to building retrofits, we’ve seen it all and can answer your questions and find the best fit for you. We manage all rebates, incentives and tax credits to bring the most dollars to your project, and find a solution that makes the most financial sense.


We install high-quality solar water heating and solar electric systems for both building retrofits and new construction projects. By working in close coordination with general contracting and subcontracting teams, we are able to ensure a timely and cost-effective solar installation. Our pre-construction collaboration techniques continue to pay great dividends for our clients.

cleaner energy.

smarter buildings.

healthier communities.

Solar Projects

Families Served

Tons CO2 Saved

Day Street Apartments

Promise Energy Helps Multifamily Developers Produce Highly Sustainable Affordable Housing with Solar Water Heating and Solar Photovoltaics.

This 45-unit LEED Gold project features a 12-collector solar water heating system and 36 kilowatts of photovoltaic panels installed by Promise Energy.

By adding solar to the development, we are bringing operating costs down, which is great for the owner and the residents.” – LA Family Housing

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Fountain Avenue

Promise Energy wins a grant from Enterprise Communities to measure solar water heating performance on multifamily buildings in West Hollywood.

Norwalk Tower

Promise Energy installs the largest solar water heating system in the City of Norwalk in Los Angeles County.

Situated atop the tallest building in the area, this system is visible for miles and provides clean renewable heat for hundreds of low-income senior residents in Southern California.

“With the help of the solar water heating system by Promise Energy, the building now performs nearly 23.5% better than it did before.” – Preservation Partners Development 

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Our Team

Adam Boucher

Born entrepreneur with a passion for the environment and sustainability. Specializes in solar finance and development. Financed over a 1000 rooftop installations spanning five states and a dozen utility districts. Has put over $40 million to work in the clean energy economy.

Charlie Kuffner

Currently managing installation of solar water heating and solar PV on 1000+ units of affordable housing. During 28 year career at Swinerton Builders, rose from carpenter to COO, and managed construction of $20 Billion in commercial and multifamily real estate. Built over 5000 Multifamily Units and developed over 100 MW of Solar Projects. Designed Solar Lab at Stanford University, and was founding member of the Oakland Green Jobs Corp.

Andy Mannle

VP Strategic Development
Passionate advocate for cleaner energy, smarter buildings, and healthier communities. Writer, speaker, and advisor on Sustainable Building Methods for industry leaders and state policymakers, with ten years experience in green business and sustainable design.

Jonas Villalba

VP Project Development
Solar design for dozens of projects serving over 2000 units of multifamily housing, commercial, LEED, and net zero projects. 
Over 20 years experience in Project Management and Sales for MEP and Construction industry managing crews of 40+ mechanical and plumbing tradesmenClosed over $8M in Solar Sales and Financing contracts since 2009.

Derek Huntington

VP Finance
Spreadsheet wizard specializing in corporate finance, underwriting, business development, and community economics. President of Sonoma County Go Local Cooperative and an advocate for community choice power, crowdsourcing, and microeconomics. 

Natasha Patel

Program Associate
UCLA graduate in Environmental Science. Expert in solar rebate and incentive programs for major CA utilities including CSI-Thermal program, MASH, and LADWP Solar Incentive Program. Former Clean Energy and Communications Intern at Environment California, and Blue-Green Alliance.

Suzanne Bernard

Seasoned financial analyst with extensive accounting expertise in the construction industry, including billing, insurance, labor compliance, and contract management. With a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from University of Paris, France, her professional motto is “Science is my first love, but Accounting is my passion.”

Daniel Boucher

VP Design and Permitting
Takes the edge off solar by managing our permitting and engineering process. Oversees project engineers and works closely with city Building & Safety, Electrical, Fire, Plumbing, and Mechanical departments. Was born and raised in SF and cares deeply about team health; his three daughters; and the people and planet we all share.

Michael Boucher

VP Project Management
Manages field crews, project sites, and installations of solar photovoltaic and hot water systems. Responsible for hiring, sourcing new equipment solutions, managing supplies, inventory, and project billing. Lives a gluten-free lifestyle, and loves to sail and scuba dive in his spare time.


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